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Meaning of soulmate relationships

Pondering the meaning of soulmate? You're in the right place!

The meaning of soulmate, in my view, is not about another person and when you'll meet them. It's really a question of who we really are and why we're here. In short: exploring the meaning of soulmate is actually an invitation to explore the mysteries of your soul.

Awakening to your soul comes first. The spiritual soulmate relationship comes later.

Said another way.

You want a soulmate? Get to know your soul...

Are soulmate relationships woo-woo?

If you read my bio on this site, I'm a pretty pragmatic gal. Got the MBA. Did the corporate thing. I have a woo-woo meter, and to be honest I don't get all misty eyed about the meaning of soulmate.

And believe me, you'll never hear me talking about soulmates over dinner.

Having said that, I do sincerely believe in reincarnation. And, that in life we're naturally reunited with other souls we've known before. So soulmates aren't woo-woo. They're just part of life.

And when you meet a soulmate (or challenging karmic soulmate), you pick up where your relationship left off in a previous life.

Why do we meet soulmates?

We meet souls we've known before to resolve conflict or re-pay a karmic obligation. Once we've worked out the kinks, what's left over between you is love and THIS loving state (and not the hot rush of desire) is the real meaning of soulmate.

Meeting a soulmate is a gift from your soul. Yet contrary to popular belief, soulmates are karmic gifts that are earned. You may have earned your soulmate earlier in your relationship together - or you might have worked it out in your past life.

Will you find your soulmate?

Yes, you will. Probably you'll meet more than one. But beware! The meaning of soulmate has nothing to do with another person to fill you up, or ease your loneliness. Meeting your soulmate may indeed ease loneliness... but that's not the other person's purpose in your life. In fact, soulmate relationships are meant to help us grow and become more whole ourselves.

And remember... if you accept the concept of reincarnation, you've known many people over lifetimes and therefore, have a number of soulmates. Not only romantic partners, but friends and family! You may also have animal companions who you've known before.

Romantically, you might find soulmates easily. Or, your soul may require more of you first and there's a quid pro quo of sorts. It's different for everyone but essentially, in order to have a soulmate, you need to love yourself first (for then this love is reflected in the relationships around you).

And what about (ahem) karma?

Challenging relationships are what I call karmic relationships: there's always the potential to become soulmates, but there's work to do first (and you both must be willing to participate). I call this process moving a relationshp up the The Soulmate Continuum and you can read more about this in the article Do soulmates exist.

It's not that the ‘lucky’ others that find their soulmates easily get out of the work. They likely just did it earlier in their lives, or in a past life.

So if you're seeking your soulmate... grow, learn, get to know your soul. You'll be happer while waiting for your soulmate... and you'll have what it takes to be in a soulmate relationship when you finally meet.

Careful! Soulmates aren't meant to save you

If you're unhappy in your life and yearn for a relationship to lift you out of your melancholy, you may attract someone else who feels incomplete as well. What starts as a romantic rush will unravel as you become entangled in the unconscious, unloved parts of yourself.

Even worse, the person with a mission to ‘save’ someone else, can end up getting blamed when their partner gets stronger. It's the flip side of the same coin.

To understand the real meaning of soulmate then, the first step is to take personal responsibility for the state of your life. This doesn't mean self-blame, more of an acceptance of reality and the willingness to do whatever you need to do in order to attract genuine love.

The good news! Each of us have the potential to find a soulmate

Your soul wants you to heal your heart, live a prosperous life, be happy and yes... experience soulmate relationships. It wants it so much for you, that your soul orchestrates the exact things that will push you to greater growth, even if it doesn't always feel good at first.

If you're single, think of it this way. Begin to tie the meaning of soulmate to your own unique soul mission. Said another way, if you want a soulmate, get to know your soul. When your happy, content and living an authentic life... you'll meet someone who's doing the same.

Your happiness acts as a magnet, a beacon for your intended soulmate. When you live life using the currency of love... loving people are the types you'll be most likely to meet.

Watch the movie Under the Tuscan Sun for a lovely example of how one might meet a soulmate. It's set in luscious, spectacular Italy. Be sure to check out the real Frances (main character) in the movie.

Enjoy exploring your soul... and the real meaning of soulmate!

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