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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Do soulmates exist? They do. They're natural. And - our choices ‘create’ them

Ask the question Do soulmates exist? and you'll cause some to become starry-eyed and others to cringe. To be very honest, I tend to be the latter.

Having said that, I do believe soulmates exist. Not because I buy into romantic Hollywood notions, but because I sincerely believe in reincarnation. And because I do, it makes sense to me that we come back together with souls we've known before.

Some define soulmate as ‘the one’ who will complete you and make your life happy forever. With this in mind, do soulmates exist? I say no, they don't. In fact, I think that this kind of thinking is unhealthy.

On another level, soulmate is the perfect word to describe the highest form of relationship: one that feeds our soul and nudges us to grow. This feels closer to me.

Introducing The Soulmate Continuum...

Here's something to consider.

What if all of our relationships fall somewhere on (what I call) The Soulmate Continuum. At one end of the Continuum are obligations and conflicts to work out. At the other end is love. Our task is to move every relationship we have a bit further up the scale. Using this perspective, do soulmates exist: absolutely.

The more loving and harmonious relationships we encounter (and the ones we can transform to be more loving) are known as soulmates. The more challenging ones that may take a few lifetimes to work out are known as a karmic relationship.

But really, they're all on the same sliding scale: two souls meeting again somewhere on The Soulmate Continuum.

What if reincarnation is real

The mainstream never refers to reincarnation in any form... except when linked to a religion of some sort.

Without the lens of reincarnation and past lives, the question Do soulmates exist lacks depth...and encourages magical thinking.

But when reincarnation is a reality, souls coming together again, lifetime over lifetime, is just part of how reality works.

Do soulmates exist (or not)? Using this perspective: yes!

Your relationships are mirrors

Here's something else to consider: our relationships are a reflection of ourselves.

What traits are you drawn to? What traits repulse you? Your emotional reactions aren't about the other person — they're a reflection of what's going on inside you.

What does this have to do with the question ‘do soulmates exist’? Because every emotion we have and every choice we make is an expression of our soul. This includes every person we attract into our lives.

So if you meet a man or woman who has intimacy issues, what this reveals is your own fear of intimacy. Taken further, you may have even chose this particular person (people) to reveal this side of yourself, and dissolve your own internal barriers to intimate relationship. No, these folks were not a soulmate in the traditional sense, but you did connect for a purpose (getting you ready for the real deal).

Owning our own unconscious triggers is painstaking work, and not for the faint of heart. But if you keep running up against painful relationship patterns... it's a perspective to consider.

Your relationships are catalysts for soul growth

If you've experienced repetitive heartbreak, another perspective to consider as you ask Do soulmates exist? is that your serial heartbreak is a catalyst orchestrated by your soul to get you to seek. Nudging you further, deeper, broader than you ever thought you could go (which is where your soulmate lives of course).

The quest for a spiritual soulmate relationship is a universal desire. The question ‘do soulmates exist’ is a natural question. But also remember to ask: what does your soul want you to explore? If you want to meet your soulmate: get to know your soul.

A carrot for growth over lifetimes

What if... every relationship you have plays out over lifetimes? When you begin, you may be at the Love end of The Soulmate Continuum, and you spend your days perpetuating Love. Or – you may encounter some kinks – at which point, you both have an opportunity to make a new choice and create a new ending.

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce says that souls come together for three reasons:

  • To work out a karmic obligation
  • To resolve a karmic conflict, or
  • To perpetuate love.

The problem with the starry-eyed definition of soulmates is that everyone wants to start at the end of the race. They want to skip the ‘working out’ of challenging karmic relationships and begin at perpetuating love.

Now with abusive situations, sometimes the best someone can do is forgive, then leave. This was advice from the Dalai Lama I read recently which rang true for me.

Sometimes in rare cases, couples do come together to perpetuate love right away. What we don't see is the work that these ‘lucky’ folks did in their past lives.

So do soulmates exist? Yes. If both parties are willing, there is potential to transform a karmic relationship into a soulmated one. I call this moving a relationship up... the Soulmate Continuum.

Further along... The Soulmate Continuum

Not every person you meet will be your long-term soulmate. However, you can choose to do what you can with each relationship you have, which includes making a loving choice to end it.

Take a bigger perspective for a moment.

What if everyone took a responsible approach to relationships – and life?

What if everyone believed in reincarnation, souls coming back together over lifetimes and personal accountability? Would it save marriages? Ease messy divorces? Reduce heartache? Create peace within nations? What if your purpose in life is to grow your soul, expand your consciousness. Move every relationship your have, to the best of our ability, up The Soulmate Continuum... toward Love?

What do you sense now: do soulmates exist? Are soulmates real?

I sincerely believe that finding soulmates needs to be taken out of the woo-woo world and made a natural part of living on Earth. Yes of course: you have many soulmates. Yes of course: you're creating them all the time, with every choice you make.

All of your relationships, even the conflicted ones, lie somewhere along The Soulmate Continuum. You've had many opportunities to heal a karmic relationship and will have many more. And the more you can heal... the more spiritual soulmate relationships you'll experience.

What if every relationship is a soulmate possibility, a work in progress, an experience through which you can learn more about yourself and live closer to love?

Approach your love life this way and in time, you will attract a soulmate – or another soul with the capacity to work together resolve your differences and create a happy ending.

Do this... and you will have created a soulmate.

So now I ask you: do soulmates exist?

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