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Intuition meaning and the secrets of spiritual awakening and growth

This short article on intuition meaning shares why so many people are seeking to develop their intuition now (hint: you may already sense this).

Intuition meaning (and why you're seeking)

What is intuition?

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
– Albert Einstein

Intuition is our ability to understand something instantly without the reasoning of the mind. This means that to use our intuition and give it meaning, we must filter information and assess it to be true or untrue using only our senses, emotions and how we feel in our bodies.

This is where it gets tricky for us logical types... Tricky because most of us in the west have been educated to rely on facts, science and logic.

Intellectual and logical ability is highly valued and respected in western society. Intuition is not. So even when we want to develop or trust our intuition, many of us have such a tangled mess of internal programming that it slows us down.

Instead of trusting our in intuition, we talk ourselves out of it. I'm as guilty of this as anyone else!

What does intuition mean?

I'll validate something that many of you already know or sense. For many of you reading now, your seeking the meaning of intuition (or anything related to truth or enlightenment) is a symptom of something bigger.

Over 20 years of study (and experience), I've come to believe that the people who are seeking to develop their intuition, are seeking meaning. On a deeper level, they're yearning to re-connect with a part of themselves that they once had, but lost access to.

Why were we separated from our intuition?

If you're sincerely curious how and why we lost this side of ourselves, listen to the interviews of Simon Parkes. It may take you a bit of time to listen, but he's worth your time if you want to know the whole story.

Simon has some fascinating perspectives. But keep in mind that no one person can know the whole truth. So don't listen to him, to the exclusion of everyone else. Think of it more of an imagination exercise... a way of helping you expand your own thinking. Then sense into it yourself. Nuff said.

Re-claiming your intuition is your divine human right

The first humans naturally had intuition – meaning that we had talents and abilities that our logical minds (today!) would find it hard to fathom. I'll go further: I believe that these abilities are not only desirable, but our divine right to re-claim. Everyone on earth has this inside them.

Not only that - but this is the time for all of us to claim out power. Learning how to trust what's inside you is one step on the road to this empowerment. So whether you're drawn to develop psychic intuition, further awaken your intuition or simply cultivate greater discernment, it's the perfect time to do so.

As we awaken our intuitive abilities, we enlarge our perspective on life. Connect to our souls and higher selves. We expand our consciousness and open to truth. In our lives, we move through challenges more confidently and feel more grounded and engaged.

When I say re-claiming our power: this is not power over others. It's claiming the power within ourselves. Then, using it wisely and compassionately in the 3D world. Power, rather than force. By doing so, we lift ourselves up and encourage others to claim own power, intuition, meaning and more.

Why are so many people seeking to increase their intuition now?

The folks I resonate most with are seeking how to be more intuitive because they've been catalyzed into a spiritual awakening where they begin to sense something greater than themselves.

These life catalysts (situations which prompt us to grow and change) also encourage some of us to seek the deeper truths about life. So you might use Google to search for intuition meaning. Or actively seek “enlightenment”, or ways to raise your vibration or “ascend”. Others may simply begin to see Love as the cornerstone of life and quietly live it. Each of our paths is unique.

How the meaning of intuition, enlightenment and ascension connect

I use the above words because they're commonly understood, but I believe them to be incomplete and intertwined. Let's just say that I've discovered that ascension is not a rising up, it's a drawing down of our true abilities (one of which is intuition). How does that feel you? If this resonates, then I invite you to check out the rest of my site.

Your seeking is a symptom of something bigger...

Your inner desire to seek is a symptom of the great shift in consciousness earth and humanity is going through now. We have a choice to make: to shift with the earth into 4D or not.

Are you curious to keep seeking?

Still reading about intuition meaning in your life? Awesome! Creating short articles is one way that I help people who are actively seeking online, by giving them some unique sources to check out for themselves. I hope you keep seeking!

A wee warning as you explore this topic

Yes, you can start broad and do a Google Search on intuition, the meaning of life and The Shift but I'd caution you that there's a great deal of misinformation out there. I am not the final word on this topic and neither is anyone else. I will say that I'm very cautious about sharing resources. I've also spent years researching for myself before I wrote one word about it (for there are many rabbit holes out there)...

In the end, it doesn't matter whether you read more here, or explore elsewhere. Trust your intuition: that's the point. Go where your soul leads you. Cool thing. You can connect to your soul through your intuition.

I hope you enjoyed my two cents on intuition meaning.

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