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Twin flames burn bright... but not for the reasons you might expect

The term ‘twin flames’ is a bit misleading in my view and there's some great debates out there on what exactly it means. The words themselves convey the idea that, at one time we may have been one soul that split in two. And that through a relationship, two can again become one.

On my own spiritual awakening journey, I've been interested in soulmates and reincarnation, and healing past lives, but the concept of twin souls hasn't swept me up for some reason.

Yet this romantic idea of ‘being one’ is prevalent in our society and spiritual circles. It's egged on by ancient soulmate theory and modern culture, like the infamous ‘you complete me’ scene in the movie Jerry McGuire.

What I don't like about all this is that we're being encouraged to think of ourselves as incomplete and only half a soul which doesn't sit well with me. And I discovered a deeper explanation for my discomfort from America's most well-documented psychis Edgar Cayce:

“That there are two identical souls, no. No two leaves of a tree, no two blades of grass are the same.”
– Edgar Cayce sessions (3285-2)

As I understand it, we have individual souls gifted free-will. And our souls are also connected to the universal consciousness. So every soul is a portion of the whole: and we are all connected. Which is a familiar understanidng in spiritual tradition.

Soulmates or twin flames?

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding twin flames and a great deal of intense romanticism. The romanticism may be a carrot, the reason to seek more information about twin flames and soulmates, which is great. But be careful about making romanticism the goal and feeling incomplete by yourself.

Having said that, Twin flames unions can be a powerful experience, no question about that. But when all is said and done, we need to keep our heads about us - along with our hearts.

And look deeper, beyond the hype. American Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce's readings are a good place to start.

Balancing mystery and real-life

However sincerely I believe in soulmates and reincarnation, I come back to the Cayce material to clear my head.

If you've found an intense ‘other-half-feeling’ relationship, it might be a soulmate. Or it might be a karmic relationship that's preparing you to have a huge soul insight.

This doesn't mean that the person that invokes that heady feeling isn't significant in your life, or that he or she couldn't evolve into a soulmate relationship in time. In fact, I'd argue that all relationships have soulmate potential – if both people are willing to work at it.

What is a soulmate?

Are you meant to marry twin flames?

The Cayce material doesn't linger on this question. Clearly, it states that as helpful as soulmate relationships or twin flames may be, we are here to find wholeness within our own souls.

If we must think in terms of being destined to ultimate union with some other soul, then think of it this way:

“But know, the soul is rather the soulmate of the universal consciousness than of an individual entity.”
– Edgar Cayce sessions (2988-2)

The idea of soulmates and twin souls are both helpful and misleading. Helpful in making a wise choice of marriage partner, and considering the overall purpose of a relationship. Misleading if we forget that our ultimate companion... is the universal consciousness.

If this topic resonates for you right now, I recommend that you check out: Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates by Kevin J. Todeschi.

Edgar Cayce's soulmate... and twin flame

Todeschi's book tells of Edgar Cayce's past lives and relationships with his wife Gertrude, his son Hugh Lynn and his secretary Gladys. Cayce's reading affirmed that Gertrude and Edgar were soulmates and marriage partners. But Edgar and his secretary Gladys were twin flames because he and Gladys joined together to birth a new creation, a gift for the planet.

It was Gladys who carefully documented Cayce's work, which remains some of the most powerful evidence of reincarnation and past lives.

Edgar's own reincarnation story is a great example of the complexity of the reincarnation question... and the certainty that we are reunited with those souls we've known before.

It's always up to you

Twin flames aren't fated, romantic notions meant to dissolve our loneliness and fill the voids inside us. Yet, we always get to choose whether to accept a relationship opportunity or go another way. Cayce himself was told that he and his wife Gertrude might have died earlier in life, if they didn't join together. Their souls made a choice: and it prolonged life for both of them.

Free-will is our birthright. The one thing no one can take from us, unless we allow it. You are empowered to choose!

What is you're ready, s/he's not

What if one soul is ‘ready’ and the other isn't? This is a very painful situation. What to do? Gingerly, gently, with love and compassion turn your attention to yourself.

Fate is not at work here. The key will always attract the lock. We'll always stimulate in one another... what needs to be healed within ourselves. A long-term marriage is not the most powerful outcome for every couple.

The people we attract will change as we change. Whether karmic relationships... soulmates, or twin flames. The more that we understand our own patterns, wounds, reasons for being, the greater the likelihood of meeting someone who is as ready as we are.

Thanks for reading about twin flames!

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