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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Seeking a spiritual soul mate: are you ready?

If you're yearning for a spiritual soul mate, congratulations. You're in the right place!

Are you ready? is a question that a sensuous green-eyed spectre asks of a young woman, Althea Brecht, as she's heartbroken and her life is falling apart around her. Her answer takes her on a journey that forever changes the way she lives and loves.

I'm referring to my book, Moondance, which was written when I was emerging from heartbreak myself. Writing Moondance changed my life too.

About Moondance

Do you want more out of love?

Conventional love is a relationship which may have a financial, familial or social foundation. Back when your parents were growing up, it may have worked fine and dandy. But at some point in your life, you may have discovered that convenitonal love just isn't enough.

This need for something new often shows up as restlessness or disillusion, without a clear source.

That's also why the journey toward your spiritual soul mate may begin with chaos and heartbreak. In essence, when what you thought you wanted no longer aligns with your soul - a spiritual soul mate can finally emerge.

Often, at the point where you're at our lowest, feeling the most broken and vulnerable, you may wonder: is there a different way of loving? Your desire grows. And it's your sincere desire that will help you manifest your soul mate.

If at this point, you say YES from the heart, YES I DESERVE THIS... you'll find that your life will open up, and may present you with opportunities. Doorways you can peek in or step through. Oceans in which you can wade, or dive deep.

Oh my, I could write chapters on this! In Moondance I did. To satisfy your question right here, right now, here are some tips to help you manifeset your spiritual soul mate.

Step 1: Let go of the old

Saying yes to your spiritual soul mate may first mean letting go of your dusty beliefs about relationships. It may also mean physically letting go of toxic people in your life.

Here are some tips to get you going!

Re-define commitment

Instead of commitment being a black and white idea that's tied to what someone does (or does not do!), re-define your commitment to simply having a juicy flow of loving energy in your life at all times.

This energy should flow both when you're single...and continue after you're with your spiritual soul mate.

Toss out expectation

Have you ever heard the saying about the word ‘assume’? That it makes an “ass” out of U and of “me”? Well, maybe it isn't the perfect example, but expectation is similar. Expectation has a hard, prickly edge to it. Hangs out just down the road from ‘ultimatum’.

Instead of expecting, why not express a strong preference, instead?

Do not equate sacrifice to love

Martyrdom is not juicy, not at all. Unconditional love does not mean harming yourself to stay in a situation that's bad for you when there's no willingness to fix things. It's a very un-loving thing for you, for your partner, and for anyone else who's unfortunate enough to be witnessing your pain on a daily basis.

Repeat after me: Spiritual soul mates add to your life, they do not not deplete it.

Here's an article on relationships by Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch. He shares why ‘Selfishness’ is actually a good thing and I agree.

Step 2: Allow in the new

Once you've let go of the beliefs that have kept you stuck, you can then invite in the new to take their place. Here are a few to chew on — don't stop here!

Love yourself first

Not new, but so true. If we don't believe we're complete and loveable on our own, we'll attract another who also feels incomplete and unlovable. It never works, because both partners will attempt to try to get the other's love to ‘fill them up’ — and what a sticky mess that becomes! So make sure to spend some time pouring all of that love that you reserve for others, into yourself.

Discover your soul's purpose

Part of loving yourself, is becoming the most whole person you can be, with or without a spritual soulmate relationship. One way to do this, is to become curious about why you're here on this earth. Who are you? Who were you in past lifetimes? Why are you here this time around?

There are many ways to find out about your purpose. I find karmic astrology particularly helpful as it contains information about our spiritual soul mate, our soul mate relationship and even how we might meet them.

Transform your existing relationship

Are you struggling in a relationship, but with a willingness to make it work? What if you could transform your current partner into a spiritual soul mate? I sincerely believe this is possible.

Here are two things the two of you can commit to today.

Stop blame and criticism

Relationship advice experts Gay and Katie Hendricks say that this is one of the first things that they teach their clients to do and it can really work wonders.

Introduce a flow of appreciation

Imagine bringing frequent and heartfelt appreciations into your relationships. How would that feel for both of you? We tend to criticize quickly. Instead — be quick to appreciate!

Manifest and meet your spiritual soul mate

If you're single, first get clear about the partner you want

Imagine that the universe is a friend who wants to help you manifest a soul mate. If you don't articulate clearly and align your innermost self with what you say you desire, then how can the universe do your bidding?

Write it down! Your physical, emotional, psychological preferences for your spiritual soul mate and how you feel in their presence and in the relationship. There's more about this in my popular free soul mate report I wrote.

Get clear about the spiritual relationship you want

What does your desired relationship look like? Are you socialites? Or do you entertain at home? Do you travel the world? Are you dedicated to raising children and growing a garden? Or do you prefer animals to children? What do your holidays look like? Your sex life? Write it all down.

Don't forget to ask

Once you've written down the characteristics of your spiritual soul mate, don't forget to ask. Read your desires aloud confidently. Demand it! You may even wish to have a friend witness, or to burn your list as a symbol of giving it over to the universal forces.

One other thing: ask once. Then live as if you've already received your request for a compatible soul mate.

May your desire...lead you to your spiritual soul mate.

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