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12 physical symptoms of spiritual awakening: a living list

“It's exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.”
– Adrienne Rich

I don't think every person who experiences a physical illness is experiencing a spiritual awakening. I do think physical symptoms of spiritual awakening are those that have catalyzed a person to seek the deeper reasons why they're experiencing the symptoms, or otherwise explore the meaning of life.

12 Physical symptoms of spiritual awakening: a living list

My physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

My own physical symptoms of spiritual awakening were in two stages. I first suffered from depression. Because I didn't want to be depressed for the rest of my life, I began to seek. Then, a few years after my emotions stabilized, I began to have painful abdominal attacks.

Today, I know that these attacks were physical symptoms of spiritual awakening, though I didn't see it at the time. I say this because the attacks catalyzed me to grow in new directions.

During this time, I explored alternative health, ate more healthily, learned about the energy body and how illness mirrors our emotional makeup.

I also learned about how my relationships affected me physically. I discovered information about positive energetic cords between people. Cords that nurture, and can also drain. I saw my current and past relationships in a whole new way and I learned to establish better boundaries.

A fascinating book I discovered during this time is Messages from the Body, by Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D. This book helped me realize that my attacks were related to repressed anger. If it's too expensive for you to purchase this book, ask your health practitioner or homeopath about it. They may have a copy you can use.

Recognizing your physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

The purpose of any challenging situation in your life is to elicit your response. One response is blaming. Another is forgiving. Still another is passionately seeking. If you're still reading – well done!

The reason you're seeking is because your soul instinctively knows that it's ready to grow and shift into a new, higher vibration. As I understand it, this growth can result in aches and pains, as the lower densities inside you move through and are transformed. Everyone is different.

12 physical spiritual awakening symptoms: a living list

This is not medical advice!

In your passionate pursuit of spirit, don't forget to keep your feet on the ground and use common sense. If you're in severe pain or discomfort, for goodness' sake get to a hospital!

You're an athlete that's torn a hamstring (so to speak)

You're a dynamo, going about your life at full speed. Things are going tickety-boo just like you brilliantly planned. Then life takes away the exact thing that makes you a dynamo.

So why would your soul take away the very thing that makes you... you? That's the million-dollar question. How you respond determines whether or not this change is one of your physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.

For inspiration think of Terry Fox. Or perhaps, Michael J. Fox. Here's another one. On an interview about her success, Suzanne Somers said that she's “created businesses around every problem I've ever had”. Nuff said.

You have an infection that just doesn't go away

A low grade infection that never seems to go away and has no other explanation can indicate that your body is adjusting to and transforming energy. Said simply, the lower density stuff inside you has to go. Not go as in poof... we're still living on earth after all. But moved through your physical body.

I've experienced this as one of my physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. For me, it was sinus pressure and a low grade headache that never seemed to go away. I was also prone to colds and for many years, I never felt 100%.

Now I no longer have the headaches and haven't had a colds in over three years. Of course I also picked up a few healthy habits, like taking Vitamin D each day, and using daily sea water nasal rinses.

Do esd this just my sensitive immune system? Better habits? Or is it the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening? Because I grew and learned so much during this time, I choose the latter.

You go through intense periods of exhaustion for no reason

You're a type A in good health who now needs a nap in the afternoon. Or you're a sensitive person who's noticed that your fatigue is more intense. You don't just doze... but it feels as if you become part of your mattress. At night, you sleep deeply as if immobilized.

Oh boy have I been there! This exhaustion isn't the prelude to the flu. I don't have swollen lymph nodes when this happens. It's pure exhaustion, no matter how well I'm eating or sleeping. Or how good I felt yesterday!

Over time, I realized that this was one of my physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. I can't fight it. So I just go with it. It used to happen for a few days at a time. Now it's hours. Often, when the fatigue passes, I have more energy than ever.

You have an accident

Some people experience physical symptoms of spiritual awakening like exhaustion. Others are wired for dramatic transformations.

My friend Cindy is in the self-development field. She's been on an awakening path for over 20 years and she lives what she teaches.

A few years ago, she was alone at her family cottage on an island in eastern Ontario when she fell (literally) shattering her kneecap. In excruciating pain, she realized that no one would be joining her for days. So over two hours, she dragged herself up a hill to get to a phone.

As she shares with her clients, this accident has become one of her most significant physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. In Cindy's case, it transformed long-standing family dynamics.

An accident as a catalyst for spiritual awakening is quite rare. However, when realized the results can be astonishing. I'm thinking of Christopher Reeve who inspired many. And I'm also thinking about Princess Diana, whose soul triggered heart-awakening on a mass scale – goosebumps.

You re-experience long ago healed wounds

The thing that got you seeking in the first place (and which you thought you were done with) makes an encore appearance. Have you experienced this? I have. It can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you feel you've already “done the work”. That is, until you consider it one of your physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.

I see healing as layers of an onion. The first layer is the thickest and most resistant. Deeper layers are smaller and more tender and there are often a few layers until you reach the core. So when a repetitive pattern comes up, honour it. Allow it to move through (again). Get support if you need it. Forgive forgive forgive.

Your sleep is disrupted and your dreams are intense

This is one of my big physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. I've woken up in the middle of the night with insomnia. Sometimes, I've just slept more deeply (feeling as if I am heavy in my mattress). I've also had intense, repetitive dreams of going home and dreams that feel prophetic.

What's happening is that as you awaken you're opening up more to the collective unconscious. You're receptive to high vibrations of energy, and you may be more receptive when you're relaxed and sleeping.

You experience jerks, surges or rapid eye movements

Ever since receiving The Reconnection, I've at times experienced intense rapid eye movements. Or, parts of my body will twitch or jerk involuntarily. For me, this happens when I'm laying down in bed or otherwise relaxed.

Whenever rapid eye movements or muscle jerks begin, I know that I could will them to stop. However, I just try to relax enough to just let it happen. It's not uncomfortable and it's not a seizure. It's just a bit strange. Then it stops.

I understand that this can be a physical symptoms of spiritual awakening as your body attunes to 4D energy. I've also read in Tara Springett's new book that this is a sign of kundalini awakening symptoms as well.

A gaggle of words describing one thing?

As we advance (over thousands of years), words will become less and less important. But for now – 3D to 4D, kundalini activation, densities, energetic shift, consciousness, expansion, raising your vibration, awakening, enlightenment, returning to source, name your phrase. I wonder if these words mean the same thing? What do you think?

You experience heat, churning, unexplained tenseness in your back and neck

During the most intense part of my physical symptoms of spiritual awakening I experienced headaches and tension in the back and especially at the base of my skull. I experienced this most intensely, when I was on a homeopathic protocol that dissolves “emotional conflicts” called Psychosomatic Energetics (recommended, but not for the faint of heart).

The neck and back stiffness was periodically intense. This went on and off for many months and then it stopped. I haven't had this type of thing for years now. As for heat or churning, I haven't experienced this personally but I often hear about these associated with Kundalini awakening signs.

Food that you used to enjoy now makes you feel sick

I've found that there's a change with our relationship with food as we expand in consciousness and that I've also heard that “advanced” beings don't eat food at all.

When I say advanced by the way, I mean souls millions of years ahead. So please don't judge others for what they eat, or don't eat. Do what's best for you. But! If your tastes are changing, this could be a reason.

Food-related physical symptoms of spiritual awakening have been subtle for me. I used to be a passionate foodie. I still enjoy good food, especially Asian. But I can't eat rich, sweet foods without feeling sick. I don't calorie count any more, and I don't avoid foods. I just pay attention to what my body wants and my weight is stable.

You've become sensitive to sound, light, people

I expect that the sensitive folks reading know about these physical symptoms of spiritual awakening big-time. Me too! I moved from a downtown condo to a quiet town because I was getting so sensitive.

I've had experiences where I feel others sadness just by being in their presence, and having eye contact. I've also felt others anger, when people aren't owning theirs. It happens less often now. I'm getting better at being open, without opening.

You get a chronic illness, or you (or someone you love) dies

If you have a chronic illness that has exploded your perception of what healing is or catapults you onto an entirely new trajectory of life, then yes, chronic illness may be one of your physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.

Perhaps you're ready to learn how to really take care of yourself. Maybe it's time to see the limitations of traditional medicine and explore alternatives. Do you now understand how your physical symptoms mirror your emotions? Are you now feeling a deeper compassion for those who have physical challenges?

You or someone you know get a terminal illness or dies

This is a sensitive and enormous topic. It can be particularly confusing when someone who's on an awakening path bringing light to others, dies. Here's a more detailed article on Death, dying and spirituality: if you're facing this situation in your life now, I hope you find it comforting.

Did you see your physical symptoms of spiritual awakening?

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