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Soul mate magic: a heart-opening exercise which can change your future

For this soul mate magic exercise to have the most powerful effect, choose an evening when you're feeling balanced, and a place where you're comfortable, and have privacy. Another hint: Put away your phone!

Gather together:

  • A blue pen (humour me)
  • A pad of blank paper
  • Your open, curious heart.

Sit quietly. Breathe, or meditate if this is your practice. You are now going to gently invoke soul mate magic by inviting your mind to reveal your most desirable future.

Write, imagine, listen

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
– Jamie Paolinetti

Using your blue pen, quickly write down in the present tense, 100 points of description of your desirable future. Short and long descriptions are all good — there's soul mate magic in the writing of your desires.

If imagining your soulmate is too big for you right now, imagine a scene you feel completely happy and at peace (of course, he or she will be part of this).

At first, you may feel detached, as if it's all a bit unreal. However, if you keep writing... you'll start to get a vision, and your imagination will flow. This is the soul mate magic awakening inside you... go with it, don't judge.

When you find yourself in this creative place, capture the details. Keep writing your vision down. It's less important that you capture 100 points... just that you keep writing what your mind and heart is showing you.

After a bit, you'll notice that your vision deepens, and your words will come as fast as you can write. This is good, your soul mate magic is intensifying. Write it all. Allow what you see and feel to flow freely.

Take your notes to bed

When you feel complete with this exercise, take your notes to bed with you and go to sleep immersed in the energy of your imagination.

If you feel skeptical, notice it. Say to yourself "I wonder what it would be like to not feel skeptical anymore..."

When you awaken, you will feel odd. This because you will have shifted one to four degrees off the life direction that you were on the day before. This is soul mate magic, and it's this shfit which will more swiftly take you closer to manifesting your desires.

Allow yourself to feel odd

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”
–Anais Nin

The next day, allow yourself to feel odd. In a couple of days you will feel normal again... your new normal.

Appreciate that there will be moments when you feel your vision falling away. Resist wanting to withdraw from the soul mate magic you've created and change your vision. The shadow will pass. Have the discipline not to go there.

Doubt is normal. Just don't stay there. It's a test... how serious were you? You've invoked soul mate magic: are you committed to experiencing this in the real world?

Resist living in Doubt

“Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms.”
– Kahlil Gibran

Why is this a powerful exercise? You see, your vision already exists within your realm of possibility. Your soul mate magic begins in your heart and your imagination.

When you're in a positive state, re-envision and confirm it to yourself. Yes, I am heading this way. Yes, it is happening. Yes, I know it's working.

Resist living in Doubt — when doubt comes up, acknowledge it and move on.

Then when you're on the upswing, feeling positive again, embrace the soul mate magic of your imagination, embrace the visions and appreciate your current successes. The more enthusiasm you have about it, the quicker it will manifest.

Embrace the unfolding (and shhh!)

“There are times when silence has the loudest voice”
– Leroy Brownlow

Don't speak to anyone having planted this seed. Soul mate magic is very delicate.

This new, unfolding timeline should be protected and nurtured.

This delicate time also requires the clearing away of the old that is out of date, once and for all. Indeed, we're encouraged to honour completions now.

If you aren't already, commit to a spiritual awkening journey, continuing to learn about yourself and your soul (in your own way). After all, if you really want to meet your soul mate, you'll need to get to know your soul.

We are not allowed to impose our free will upon another. However, each of us having free will is allowed to shape our own lives in whatever way we choose. The soul mate magic does not come from around us: it comes from within us first.

We can't know what will come in the future of course, and your vision may shift slightly. However, if you nurture the vision long enough, with enough intensity and with love, there will be a tipping point in your outer world.

And! Of course, this exercise can be used for whatever you desire.

I hope you found this soul mate magic exercise helpful.

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