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My policy for changes, cancellations and no-shows

When you book a private karmic astrology session with me, I'm absolutely delighted. The day before your session, I prepare and analyze your chart to get a “feel” for who you are. I also organize my day around your appointment.

To be honest, I don't encounter changes, cancellations or (yikes) no-shows very often. But these things can happen.

So we're on the same page, here's how I'll handle it, if it does. Plus what I'll do for you, if I'm the one that mucks up your appointment (facepalm).

Here it is in black and white

When you book a session with me, you consent to the following. Sound fair?

If you change or cancel 24+ hours before

Go to town! Use the Change/Cancel Appointment button at the bottom of your original confirmation or reminder e-mail, with no limits.

And... if you're cancelling without re-scheduling, I'll promptly give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

If you change or cancel 12 to 24 hours before

  • First change: Free, if we re-book within four weeks (or as we agree)
  • Further changes: $20 each (as I'll have to book you manually)
  • Cancellation: I promptly refund you 25% of your session fee (you forfeit 75%)

If you cancel less than 12 hours before, or are a no-show

  • First time: Sorry, no refund. But you're welcome to purchase another session if you like. I get that things can happen.
  • Second time: Sorry, no refund. And I'll respectfully decline to work with you in the future. Perhaps there's someone else who's a better fit for you.

To be fair… if I muck up

If I'm the one who changes, cancels or misses your appointment here's what will happen.

If I change or cancel less than 48 hours before

I'll e-mail you to re-schedule and offer a 25% thank you refund. If you tell me you don't want to re-book, I'll refund you 100% with my sincere apologies. No hassle.

If I'm a no-show for your appointment

I'll be seriously mortified! Then I'll refund you 100% with my humble apologies. And if you're still talking to me and want to re-schedule within a couple of months (or as we agree), it's on me.

What would you like to do now?

Got it Karen! I'd like to book my private karmic astrology session now.

Free karmic astrology – I'd like to learn free karmic astrology and identify my North Node sign and house by myself.

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