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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Why readers love Moondancing and recommend The Soulmate Site

Every week, I get e-mails from luvly readers all over the world, who have been touched by The Soulmate Site, or who have received an issue of my newsletter Moondancing which resonates with them.

Each of these were taken from spontaneous e-mails from readers, all fellow heart explorers. Each has been used with permission.

I am honoured and grateful. Psst... why not subscribe?

What readers are saying

Relatable and encouraging

"Just read your latest issue of Moondancing and it was on target again. Witty, relatable and encouraging. Thank you for the inspiration. P.S. My sister echoes my sentiments from Spain.”
– Roxanne Embleton, Toronto

Echoes my own heart

"I LOVE your newsletter. It's a great name too. As always, you seem to echo what I am struggling with in my heart: Waiting. That's the biggest challenge. It's so comforting to read your reassuring words."
– Nina Z, San Francisco

A wonderful resource

"It's been wonderful to discover your site! Even though I'm a guy (47 and divorced seven years), I'm really getting a lot out of it as my own search continues. This is a wonderful, encouraging resource and I really want to thank you for putting it up."
– Loren Herrigstad, Centralia, Washington

Powerfully from the heart

"When you speak from your heart Karen, there is more power than you know."
– Richard T, Ojai, CA


"I love your emails and look forward to them! I've never felt compelled to email in, but after your last email with the interview with Elmdea I just thought I'd email in to ask your opinion on the following: I've always presumed that meeting a "soulmate" on an internet dating site was not possible, as I've always thought of this method as being not leaving things up to fate. Elmdea's story has made me think otherwise."
– Elizabeth, London (UK)

Inspiration for my own journey

"I again read your profile and I feel such resonance with your words. I too did a bachelors in Biology, had a flair when it came to writing (although this has disappeared somewhat due to a lack of practice over the years) and work in the corporate world. I have always had an interest in metaphysics, astrology, spirituality, the afterlife, regressions, psychology, the weird and the wonderful, the list goes on... I want to thank you for providing me with inspiration to continue on my journey and showing me that I am not alone on these travels."
– Mandy, London (UK)

Uplifting and inspiring

"I have been reading your website - the soulmate website - with great interest and much pleasure. Congratulations for creating something so uplifting and inspiring. All the information helps a lot when I am attending yet another wedding, yet another very happy baby shower and everyone keeps looking at me like 'oh, hopefully she'll find one eventually'. Bah! ... On a good note: This year I didn't give a rat's ass about Valentine's day as opposed to the other years. Keep up the lovely and inspiring work you do."
– Anika, City of God, Planet Earth :)

Worth waiting for

"What a wonderful interview with Elmdea, Karen! It's only now that I found a moment to read it through. So worth waiting for!"
– Ursula Carsen MTC, DCTP, Toronto Dream Therapist

Helpful, a gift

"I think you are gifted, one who can help others relate to you and to themselves."
– Helen, Toronto

Spot on: loved it

"Hi Karen, I loved your recent Moondancing issue, ‘How to playfully transform self-doubt to knowing’. No wonder your readers loved it last year - it's spot on. Getting in vibration with what you want - totally agree."
– Stuart Young (UK), author of How to change your life - one day at a time

Love the soulmate quiz

"Thanks for sharing Karen. I always enjoy your newsletters! And I'm happy to share that I took the soulmate quiz and it reported that my hubby and I are indeed soulmates...phew! lol."
– Renee A, Quebec "

Feels like Moondancing is custom made for me

"Thank you so much! You are such a blessing in my life. I know that I must also be speaking for thousands of others. I feel that your words and references are custom-made just for me. Because of the information you share, I feel that I am made much stronger and wiser. P.S. I enjoyed reading your interview with Ursula about dream therapy. I will be emailing her."
– Abby R., Alabama

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