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What does enlightenment mean? Deep truths for modern seekers

Even some of us who are seeking it, aren’t quite sure: what does enlightenment mean? I hope this short, heartfelt article on a massive topic gives you some food for thought on your journey.

If you haven’t already, you might want to read my enlightenment definition article first as I cover the basics there. To create these articles, I’ve used a combination of research, my intuition and The Law of One online database.

Not to say that any of these are the final word...

What does enlightenment mean: deep truths for modern seekers

What does enlightenment mean?

“The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness.”
– Nikos Kazantzakis

Enlightenment is a state of being which means embodying the light. In other words, fusing your physical life force with the light, or what some call the sea of love. It’s a conscious journey home after lifetimes of learning as a unique soul being.

What does enlightenment mean? It means you’re on a path leading ultimately to intelligent infinity.

Seeking enlightenment means you’re awakening your full potential and on a journey to return to who you really are. Along the way, you may also experience reunion with like souls. You come together again as you join in a common quest with pilgrims all over the world.

What does enlightenment mean day to day?

Day to day, enlightenment means that you will become more intuitive, sensitive and psychic - and powerful.

If you’re on a true path to enlightenment, it also means that you’ll experience a sincere desire to help others. Not as a guru, for everyone must seek enlightenment for themselves. But perhaps by sharing inspiration on your own spiritual awakening. Facilitating self-inquiry. Leading others to explore Mystery.

If you choose to sincerely and humbly seek enlightenment (and you match your desire with loving action and thought) it means that you will, in time and over lifetimes, move closer to the divine.

What does enlightenment mean? What the final state looks like...

One person cannot possibly know everything about enlightenment. Not me, and not the gurus either.

The final state of enlightenment is very rare and takes many, many lifetimes. Buddhism calls this a “deity-state” where we surrender to a deity, or an energetic being higher in consciousness than ourselves.

As Buddhist psychotherapist author Tara Springett says...

“The full stabilisation of the deity-state is not likely to happen in the human world but only in the higher worlds. You can then return to the human world with the enlightenment stage fully formed. This has only happened to a handful of people who have incarnated in human history.”

What does enlightenment mean? In my opinion, it means that we surrender to truth. The truth of ourselves, and the truth of our reality. Along the way, we're called to trust mystery. Dancing with mystery is part of the journey. Trusting that even if you don’t see the whole picture all at once, you will see clearly see your next step.

What does enlightenment mean? The Rainbow Body...

Some say that enlightenment means transforming your physical body to a Rainbow Body. There are documented cases of Tibetan monks who spend years meditating in solitude until they reach an enlightenment state known as Rainbow Body. More commonly though, we’ll take small steps mixed with the occasional big leap as we expand over lifetimes.

Beware of self-declarations of enlightenment

“If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”
– Ram Dass

I’d like to touch on a few things that aren’t enlightened but sadly are out there. Generally, I’m wary of gurus who declare themselves to be enlightened. Ditto with anyone introducing themselves (or another) as an “ascended master”.

What does enlightenment mean? It means we’re living in a way that’s closer to the infinitive, expansive divine. I do think there are enlightened souls out there. But I have a hunch that they’d find the label rather amusing.

Every being on earth has free will and if we don’t respect others free will, we’ll create karma for ourselves. No one is exempt from this, as I understand it. So watch people’s actions. Pay attention to how you feel in others presence. Realize that while there are wonderful folks out there, there are also pretenders too.

Last word: What does enlightenment mean?

It means that we are Love. It means that instinctively, in time, we will all want to go home. It means that by seeking enlightenment, we’re on our way.

How’s your heart doing?

The (rocky) start to seeking enlightenment

For those who wonder what awakening and the signs of spiritual growth look like in modern life, I invite you to read my book, Moondance - an addictive spin on life, love and the nature of reality. I wrote it when I was first awakening and experiencing some challenges in life, work and love.

I hope you enjoyed what does enlightenment mean

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