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What will happen in 2012 ?
Your heart will demand to be heard

“What will happen in 2012 - In one word: change. How do you survive in 2012? In one word: grow.”
–Karen M. Black

What will happen in 2012?

Well, it's in the past now and back then, there was lots of anticipation. Some people expected a mass ascension. Others poo-poo'd it all. Many, many of us changes and begin living and working in new ways. In fact, this change began years before 2012. It will also continue for many years afterward.

The technical aspects of 2012

Search 'what will happen in 2012' and you’ll find Mayan calendar and prophecies, Nostradamus, time speeding up, the 2012 ascension the galactic alignment, the shifting of the poles and (some good and some way out) channeled information from advanced beings.

These may be fascinating, but they don’t help us day to day. I’m interested in the heart journey of 2012, as it relates to everyday life.

Will the world end in 2012?

Human consciousness is expanding quickly, and this is why 2012 has been seen as the ‘end’. Indeed it’s the end of the way things have been done, and it calls for more kindness, more consciousness. It’s also a new beginning for those of us who choose to embrace it.

End of the status quo and a new beginning

Change is brewing all around us in our governments, financial systems and politics. There’s tension building in the structures around us, because some want to hold on to the status quo.

Personally, change isn’t easy. Change can be uncomfortable and can even provoke fear. Change is often an ending. Even good change provokes stress.

My opinion is that the extremism, the polarization will continue, until we reach a tipping point one way or the other. The jury’s still out. The best thing we can do, is seek ways to grow (and one ways is to explore entrepreneurship).

What will happen in 2012 from your heart's perspective

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
–Deepak Chopra

What will happen in 2012 is that (for many of us) the status quo that held our lives together, no longer works. This is 2012 “ending” of which so many speak. And – it’s an opportunity for a new beginning.

Here are some more signs to look for…is this you?

Your job feels like a prison

When you go to work, do you feel heavy? Like you’re carrying around a burden, or wearing a mask? Do you feel a twisted knot in your stomach? Do you feel claustrophobic at work? Or rebellious? Or like a fake? Oh boy, do I know that place…

What will happen in 2012 and beyond is that more of us will discover that we’re no longer in sync with the corporate world. We’ll desire freedom.

Relationships end or radically change

2012 might prompt power struggles to arise, quickly and dramatically. These will be differences that have been brewing for years. Now, there’s no more ignoring it.

Business partners, colleagues, friends, spouses, families, anything that hasn’t been spoken, dealt with or that has been shoved under the rug will make itself known: loudly. It’s ok. Re-negotiate. Make new rules. Or let go.

Secrets explode to the surface

What will happen in 2012 is that it will become more and more difficult to keep secrets, in corporate, in politics and personally. This is the Whistleblower. This is leaving your job, because you can no longer live with your organization's business practices. This stage might be messy for a while. But it’s really an invitation to change for the good.

You experience chaos and uncertainty

No matter how competent you are, what will happen in 2012 and beyond will be that you may experience periods of chaos or self-doubt. As you enter into the quiet, uncertain space of transition, you may even feel as if you’re losing your footing. It’s all good. This is a time to explore, to go deeper, to Trust.

Your emotional and physical energy suffers

2012 brings with it high frequency energies that move quickly. Our DNA, physical and emotional bodies are denser, and take time to catch up. Some may experience this physically as fatigue, illness and emotional upset. Use the time to explore healing modalities. Know that it’s temporary.

You experience slow, stalled change

Have you taken some action to change, then felt as if you’re stalled? Excruciating, isn’t it? What will happen in 2012, is that more of us will take steps in new directions. However, manifestation will be temporarily less predictable.

You experience fast, radical change

Sometimes after long periods of “nothing”, you’ll experience rapid change. I call these times ‘tipping points’ and they’re different for everyone. When this happens, just hold on.

You are a magnet for opportunities

As you consciously align yourself with 2012, you’ll begin to attract serendipity, and fascinating opportunities for new ways of living and working.

You find your “tribe”

What will happen in 2012 and beyond is that when you embrace change, you will also attract other souls of like energy. You may also unexpectedly discover a group of people that feel like family to you: your tribe (so to speak).

You have a dream

An important part of this ever-expanding soul continuum, is a desire to give back, to create positive in the world. If this is where you are now, this is your carrot, your “Why”, your manifestation magnet. Listen closely. Then follow.

What will happen in 2012 and beyond? If you let go of what no longer works: you will radiate.

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