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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Your fear is not a reason

“I have my moon goggles on. I sense the battles in the sky. All possibilities. But I do not yet see the landing.”
– Karen M. Black

The releasing of others, releases you. Do you understand? Do you really?

Your relationships are mirrors. Your heart connections bring to the surface that which needs to be healed. Will you allow the healing?

Your fear of loss is not a reason. Fear is a cord. An entanglement. Karma to balance.

Uncertainty is not a reason. It's a delicate dance. At once planting your feet. Seeing through eyes. Accepting all with your heart.

Your fear will hold you prisoner for as long as you let it. First step: open to the possibility of being free.

Your release may feel like free-fall. Where gravity takes over. Don't push then: steer.

If then you feel all that you were ever afraid of, be still. Find a safe place. Breath, sleep, put your body on the earth. Time is playing tricks on you now.

You see, you've lived this before. Just curious: which role did you play?

Your body may feel heavy. There may be aches. The need to sleep. This is energy moving through earth. Keep breathing...

When your heart feels expansive, you've arrived at an energetic interchange. The place of all possibilities.

Your soul will speak to you often now. Signs, shifting light. Pay extra attention. You are not alone (you never were). Know: you can live here if you choose.

I'm still living this one out. I'm in acceptance. I'm still achy a bit. Still sleeping deeply. You too, will feel the shift.

I free you. I wish you healing and happiness. Repeat.

Meaning of life poetry for your heart. Created with love.

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