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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Truth feels like a remembering

The first step is to recognize.
That what you can see and touch...
is not... everything that is.

That the truth is not out there.
It's in here.
Truth feels like a remembering.

You're living on a fast-track planet.
Oceans of light are coming at you.
Some natural, some not so much.
Wanting your attention, your focus
The treasure inside you that creates.

Faced with a blizzard of notions, you choose.
Shifting your perspective.
What to see and not to see.
When to trust or turn away.
When to close your eyes.
And when to open them.


Truth is not the loudest voice.
The shiniest bling.
The most comfortable answer.
Or the instant, slimmer anything.
Truth feels like a remembering.

You'll never find the entire truth...
Bound in a book
Declared from a pulpit
Documented in history
Described by an experiencer
Transcribed into a five-step system.
Twisted into a girdle of belief

Twinkles of truth may reside here.
But here too, the flow of truth stops.
Truth feels like a remembering.

Revolutionize your perspective on authority.
What the people elected to power declare.
What the scientists derive.
What the newspapers blare.

Consider that the authority is you.
Always was.
Truth feels like a remembering.

Truth does not pursue you.
She waits quietly.
Sitting there, ready.
Until you decide to seek.

Truth flows to those who are open to it, yes.
And she's especially magnetized...

To the souls who, while seeking...
    Give up the need for truth in the first place.

You might want to read that again.
Truth feels like a remembering.

Belief systems.
Clutching that rock is so exhausting!
Let it flow. Keep what works. Discard what doesn't.
Truth feels like a remembering.

If all humans would loosen their grip, just a bit.
Oh my, the light!

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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