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The day it happened

The day it happened, I could never have imagined it.

And after I realized, I cried like a baby for hours.

Not in sadness or despair...but in astonishment, wonder and deep relief.

Let me back up a bit.

In my intimate memoir Back to the Water, I explore many themes. One results from a split on my Mom's side of the family that I witnessed when I was seven.

That split has haunted me for many reasons (I explore them in the book).

But the day it happened, Back to the Water was done and in production.

That day, I received a large, flat package in the mail with a two-page letter. A gift I never could have imagined...from someone I never would have thought.

The Gift Giver was a cousin on the other side of the family split, whom I've seen once in 47 years.

In his letter, he expressed nervousness at sending me the package, hoping that it would not stir up anger from that “terrible time” 47 years before.

It was a beautiful letter. It didn't make me angry. Though I was a tiny witness back then, it wasn't my fight.

The gift was a painting my cousin had created for my parents 47 years ago, intended as a Christmas gift.

It is a painting of me, as a four-year old child. Girl on a Swing.

Me, innocent. Before I witnessed a curious event that would tear my mother's family apart. You can see the painting here if you like.

He held onto the painting because he figured that he'd give it to my Mom and Dad when things in the family blew over.

But things never did.

That day, I did not hesitate to accept his gift.

And I cried because, it felt that on some level, this was the universe saying: Well done. It's over now.

And now over to you...

...and the little sparks of your emerging reality.

The flashes from the depth of your imagination as you walk outside, unplugged, in green silence.

The words sent to you on a river of light. Or said aloud by a stranger giving you another reason why.

That day, my cousin's gift truly caught me by surprise. I could never have imagined it.

But there it was: a perfect fit, perfectly timed, perfectly meaningful.

As your consciousness expands...your connection with reality deepens. This isn't magic. This is how reality has always been.

You're the one changing, noticing, tapping in to what is already there.

Your story will be different than mine. Your gifts will reflect your difference.

But I do believe that all of us awakening now...are taking some of the same roads home.

Curiosity. Connection. The capacity we have to Create...and Re-Create.

Perhaps...our Greatest Gift of All.

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