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Gift yourself time

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”
– Jean Racine

I speak my truth: I am not heard. Calmly, I repeat my truth. Again I am invisible.

My whole body revolts. As my anger releases, something else does too. I feel tender, newborn. I cannot bear to be near closed hearts.

Is it time to conserve rather than give? Gift yourself time.

I've been living this the past couple of weeks. I am not able to create. I have little to give from my heart. But when I wake I engage what's there.

I fix things. Tidy up. Go for a walk. Sleep and eat and sleep.

I am able to walk up a gentle slope. Smell the scents. Pat the dogs. Gather up the damp leaves. Squint into the sun.

For now, this is enough.

I'm aware this is temporary. Necessary, too. It feels a bit like ground zero. As if I stand on a deeper root.

If your relationships are pulling, or absent. If your energy is flagging. If something is rising up in you. If the journey you're on feels like a marathon without end.

Hear yourself, if no one else will. Gift yourself time. Let go of what was. Including who you were the moment you decided: enough.

Our wounds are whispers which yearn to be seen and heard. Their volume rises when ignored. Seeking your attention.

When your tide rises, notice and remain still. Breathe. Invite in the person you are becoming to move closer. Listen.

Here's something I received at just at the right time for me. Perhaps it has come at the right time for you (you're not imagining the intensity now).

Meaning of life poetry... for your heart.

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