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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Bye for now

I've felt it for a while.

One life ending. Another not quite taken hold.

(Perhaps, some of you will relate to this? I hope so...)

In 2008, I began a writing journey exploring my heart and the unknown.

For me, this sharing publicly was not an easy choice.

In fact at first, it was a terrifying choice. A crazy-big stretch.

Yet hesitantly, I put the words down and found my voice.

And as I revealed my experience of awakening with others... I grew stronger inside myself.

At first, I held my breath in gnawing fear each time I pushed Send.

Broke out in anxiety every time someone read (and egad responded!) to my words.

But over the years, something else happened, too.

I connected with some astonishing people.

Learned I wasn't alone! Wasn't crazy!

Healed that part of myself that was unable to speak my truth. The part that felt fearful, judged and unheard.

Outside, I've changed, too.

I've moved from the city to a small town.

Said goodbye to my parents.

Pondered me the odd duck in Back to the Water: a tale of truth, love and letting go.

Untangled a tragic family story generations in the making!

Taken an unwavering look at the light and dark of our world...
...and emerged eyes open, free, with a warrior heart!

I've reflected on my work. Gone down blind alleys... and learned.

I've accepted surprise phone calls and letters out of the blue that changed my life for the good.

I've deepened friendships, given and received love – and let other hearts go.

And in response to life unfolding, I changed.

Woke up again and again, thinking: this way doesn't feel right anymore.

And so...
        ...after ten years of public Heart Explorations, I've decided to help this shift along.

And with this missive, I wanted to say goodbye.

When I breathe “sabbatical” it feels right like a pulling up. It's not an absolute end. But it's a break, a space.

I may be back writing publicly in this way. I may create a Moondancing issue now and then.

Or I may not. I'm just not sure yet.

I do know that I want Freedom. Time to Restore. Reflect. Re-imagine Me.

I do know what I'm willing to do and not do. What's okay with me and what's not.

Universe, we've had this discussion! I'm just not available for anything else.

If I've learned one thing over this decade-long revealing of my Heart... it's this: we're never alone.

(I didn't know that before I began, so thank you)

Writing is part of the mix. Part of me. Today, it feels as if it always will be.

But one day, that may change too. And this is the stuff of life.

As always, I hope that this spoke to some of you on a deeper level.

Keep shining... keep seeking. There is so much to explore!

(as I heard Graham Hancock say recently...)
... we come out of Mystery, we live in Mystery, we end in Mystery.

And Our Meeting of this Great Mystery... is what all of us share.

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