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Are your friendships changing?

I had a few friends over for dinner last week. These are folks I don't see often. But they're also the kind I can talk with, not only about our lives but what's happening now with life itself.

Over dinner, one of my guests asks the rest of us a big question: “So is anyone else experiencing friendships changing or ending right now?”

Going around the table, we compared notes. Indeed for all of us, friendships were changing. Old friends were moving on. New friends were coming in. It was if our souls were taking stock and sorting things out on our behalf.

There was no drama going on. No nasty fallings out. Instead, there were quiet forks in the road. Change creeping up and tipping us over. New insights about others and ourselves. Conscious choices. There was uncertainty, yet it felt natural: a quiet de-magnetizing and falling away.

At dinner, I shared my own story of quieting communication. Dear friends on a different track. Friendships too, that had been renewed and deepened. For me, it felt like a profound clearing of relationship karma: a clean slate. But while the wave has gone out, it's taking some time for the flow to come back in.

In new friendships, I have found profound connections, hints of what's on my horizon. Even so, there's still a gap (at least, in numbers). But I remind myself: this is not a race. And stuffing empty space full isn't the answer.

We are now living in the age of transparancy. Whatever, whoever is coming your way must resonate not with who you've been, but who you are becoming. Anything else is falsely abundant: a jumbled manifestation that ultimately won't stick (soulmate seekers take note).

It's true that this process of separation and transition could be a painful one. But only if we chose to hold on too tightly to the past. There's a deeper whisper here. The superficial no longer cuts it. By letting go of what is no longer a match, you extend an invitation for what is.

Earth has made her decision: she is shifting into higher realms. Collectively, we're being called to swim in deeper waters and stand on hallowed ground.

So honour the spaces in your life, when they come. Tend to them with curiosity. They represent dreams and possibilities the future you (rooted in the now).

Have you noticed changes in your friendships lately? If so, share your story below, and I'll respond.

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