February 2011 Volume 1, Issue 3
Create the love your soul intended
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One question that can make all the difference

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Thanks for those folks who responded to my offer for a free Soulmate DNA Activation session. I've really enjoyed talking with you and connecting real live voices with your names!

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I'm fascinated by the energy exchange between men and women, which I've learned quite a bit about recently. 
During my explorations, I found a simple golden rule for women who are wondering if a man is right for them. It's the answer to one yes or no question, and this issue is about the reason why this question is so important. I hope you enjoy!
Here's to creating the love your soul intended,

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How to use energy principles to decide if he's right for you
There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it. - Elizabeth A. Behnke
Don't know about you, but I'm an observer. I pay attention to words, to body language and how I feel in other people's presence. Some days, I trip over my left brain, but most days I'm good.
Years before I embraced my own beliefs, I'd joke: "That's baaaaad energy." “The energy is off." "H/she drains me." I didn't know it, but I was really onto something.
Even before I had a way to articulate or understand it, I had an intuitive sense of energy. Some people take energy from others, however unconsciously. Others are drained.
Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body. - Irene Claremont de Castillejo
I was born into this life with a sense of over responsibility. I tend to get drained. In order for me to have a healthy relationship, I must keep this side of me carefully in check.
My closest friends know this. They have great energy and are givers themselves. They encourage me to sit still and express what I need. I love them for it and feel safe receiving their love in return.
In romantic love, the perfect match for someone who is unable to receive is someone who is unable to give.
Read that again. Where do you sit?
In my own journey to understand myself, I’ve become fascinated by this energy exchange that takes place between people.
I’m choosing to talk about this now, because I’ve witnessed and experienced a great deal recently. I’ve also read a number of books, some listed below.
One little book shares a deep teaching about the energy dynamic between men and women. There's much here, so let me bottom-line it for you…
Women are empathic and connected to the earth. Men tend to ground themselves through women. If a man is angry or ashamed and he’s doing nothing to heal this energy within himself, the woman he physically enters intimately is tasked with integrating his unhealed energy. Fascinating huh? Also kind of scary when you think about it.
I’m using heterosexuals as an example and being ever so stereotypical here. Please forgive me for that.
Was I clear enough? Men tend to ground through women, rather than creating their own connection.
Now this isn’t a conscious thing, and I'm not blaming or picking on men. It's an energy exchange, because we are energy bodies.
I ponder the dynamics and challenges between men and women and this feels true to me. Think about it. Does this feel true to you?
The body never lies. - Martha Graham
Women are more empathic, more in tune with their emotions. Women may take on the role of healer, of the family, their spouse and of themselves. In this dynamic, men have had little impetus to create this deep connection for themselves. 
Yet the world is changing and so are we. What would relationships (indeed the planet) look like if everyone was compelled to create their own connection to earth? To heal their own wounds? Play with me a bit. How would it feel for you to attract a partner with an expansive heart, whose tenderness nourishes you equally. Does that feel good to you? 
If changing the planet feels too big to you, in the same little book I found a juicy tip that you can put to use today.
Want to know the truth of whether or not a man is good for you? Honestly answer one question.
Can he nurture me?
From that answer, the energy within you will flow.
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