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A daughter's tale of truth, love and letting go

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An addictive spin on awakening, soulmates and past lives

Get Moondance the novel Kindle was FREE until December 22, 2012

This was my BIG GIVE to celebrate December 21, 2012 and The Shift that's unfolding...

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What Moondance has to do with December 21, 2012...

2012: The year that turned my world upside down

2012 is the year that my world turned upside down.

What I’ve learned is that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that happens now that we’re full-on into The Shift.

I ALSO LEARNED that my novel Moondance captures shift and awakening symptoms really accurately.

Which is wild. Because I didn’t know that when I was writing it.

Okay, first I'll back up a little...

What's The Shift?

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
–Deepak Chopra

In 2012, I spent over a 100 hours researching December 21, the symptoms of awakening and The Shift we’re in.

In simple terms, The Shift represents the end of a 25,000 (ish) year cycle for humanity. Actually, it’s the end of a number of cycles, depending on whose calendar you use. The most familiar one is the Mayan calendar.

Some folks refer to it as the end of the world. Which is why there’s so much confusion about it.

Busting the Myths around The Shift

First of all, The Shift isn’t the end of the world. Let’s bust that myth right away.

Think of The Shift as a “birth” into a more loving way of being.

Yet, there is still confusion. How will this change take place? Where? When? What happens when people don’t “fit” with these new energies?

Here are the THREE MYTHS that I’ve seen most often

  • That here on earth, The Shift will take place on ONE DATE, December 21, 2012, and
  • That we’ll see the changes instantly like magic, and
  • That those who don’t measure up, will go POOF or something.

Here’s what “most” won’t tell you about The Shift

December 21 isn’t “the day”

Yes, December 21st is a focal point for many (which is why I’m sharing now). But dig into the research like I have, and you’ll learn that all over the world, Ph.D. level experts diverge widely on the timing.

This is my take: The reason there is disagreement is because we’re attempting to fit an energetic process into our (limited) human structures and language.

This is an impossible task. We just don't have the language or perfect systems.

There won’t be an instant “Golden World”

On December 22, we won’t be waking up to an instant Golden World, and no one’s going to go poof. The effects of The Shift will take place over time.

Why? Because energy moves faster than physical matter like our bodies, our relationships, our financial structures and so on.

The Shift changes will continue for many years yet…

Yes, energetically, the earth is ready to step into a loving 4th dimension. But HUMANITY has still got some catching up to do.

We’ll still be in catch up mode for many years yet… so it’s NOT ALL OVER December 21, 2012.

And!! Here’s what almost no one talks about…

Everyone is going to experience The Shift differently. Radical, huh?

What does this have to do with Moondance the novel?

“I haven't been able to put Moondance down and felt it totally resonate for me...”
–Lynne Franks, Best-selling author

Even though I wrote it before I even knew what The Shift was, Moondance eerily captures The Shift energies and how they can impact our lives day to day.

Personally, I've found that it’s helpful to learn everything you can about this change, so that you’re prepared when stuff comes up.

Unless you know about The Shift energies, they can feel messy and chaotic. They can impact our bodies, our relationships and they can make us feel as if we’re insane or off-kilter.

That's where Moondance comes in...

Finding comfort and meaning in chaos: My BIG GIVE

I’m not a billion dollar philanthropist. I’m a writer. So it’s my writing that I have to give. My ideas. The expression of my experiences.

Moondance has changed my life. And it’s changed others lives too.

What Moondance CAN and CANNOT do…

“No book has ever made me cry before... I loved Moondance.”
–Pam Dickey, teacher

Moondance won’t tell your future, or instantly fix everything in your life.

However, Moondance does work on deeper levels…

Much of Moondance is symbolic, think dream sequences and surreal visions. Yet it's easy to digest, written in short chapters (that move like a thriller).

Also, this is important: I wrote Moondance years ago when I had no idea what I was writing. So it’s raw and real (many readers have experienced vivid dreams while they read it).

You see, the symbols in Moondance reach out to readers in different ways. Everyone who reads Moondance has a different experience.

Moondance WILL help you...

  • Relax into the flow of change that The Shift energies will bring (this change is not linear and is often unexpected)
  • Help clarify your life purpose using the ancient secrets of karmic astrology
  • Dissolve the karma of painful repetitive patterns (do what my main character does… at home, for free, with a candle - this is what I did)
  • Discover how past lives show up in your life today and how to break free
  • Let go of painful past relationships or experiences for good
  • Make your travel or morning commute fly… (Moondance moves fast)

Belief in past lives is not necessary. Moondance reflects uniquely for everyone.

By the way, you also get “Althea’s reading list” which is a list of trusted resources to continue exploring after Moondance is over.

I highly recommend using many sources as you explore. One person DOES NOT have all the answers.

You can still get Moondance Kindle on Amazon

Download here: Amazon Canada | Amazon US | Amazon UK

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